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Keynote Speakers


April 24 - Monti Washington

Monti’s passion for helping students stems from the adversity he faced early on in life.  Forced to live in poverty due to his mother’s drug addiction, Monti grew up sleeping on cardboard boxes, living in parks, and being abused by foster parent after foster parent.  Until 8th grade Monti was in special Ed. Classes and was held back on two separate occasions.  Despite this adversity, Monti went on to obtain two college degrees, become an award winning poet, published author, activist, and nationally recognized actor appearing in several commercials and shows and currently staring in Tyler Perry’s Bruh.

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When we’re going through trauma or trying to get over generational traumas as I did, it often feels like you’re alone. And you feel like you’re the only person who’s going through what you’re going through. Each time I get to use my voice to remind people “hey, I know my life is kind of dope now and I’m doing some amazing things… It started from a dark place. I’m not special. I’m not particularly gifted. I just didn’t give up.”

April 25 - Horacio Sanchez

Horacio Sanchez is a highly sought-after speaker and educational consultant, helping schools learn to apply neuroscience to improve educational outcomes. He presents on diverse topics such as overcoming the impact of poverty, improving school climate, engaging in brain-based instruction, and addressing issues related to implicit bias. He is recognized as one of the nation’s leading authorities on resiliency and applied brain science. Horacio has been a teacher, administrator, clinician, mental health director, and consultant to school districts across the United States. Horacio sits on True Health Initiative Council of Directors, a coalition of more than 250 world-renowned health experts, committed to educating on proven principles of lifestyle as medicine. He is the author of the best-selling book, The Education Revolution, which applies brain science to improve instruction, behaviors, and school climate. His new book, The Poverty Problem, explains how education can promote resilience and counter poverty’s impact on brain development and functioning.

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“A Leader in Educational, Mental Health, and Juvenile Justice Reform”

April 26 - Matt Soeth

Matt Soeth is committed to protecting kids online.  Matt serves as the Head of Trust and Safety and Global Affairs at All Tech is Human, a National nonprofit dedicated to responsible tech and ethical AI.  He has spent his professional life on the frontline developing programs, products and services that aim to keep people safe while engaging in digital spaces. Matt's career includes serving as a high school teacher for 15 years, where he had first hand experiences with the impact of social media, cell phones and cyber issues in K12 education.  Matt is a former member of the Global Trust & Safety Team At TikTok working across multiple issue areas including suicide and self harm, minor safety, election integrity, and media literacy. He is one of the Founders of #ICANHELP, #Digital4Good and the Social Media Helpline, which was the first helpline for schools in the US to provide support related to social media issues.

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In this session, Matt will guide participants through a series of discussions that focus on the impact that Social Media and digital spaces have had on youth. From Gaming interactions, AI, DeepFake social media posts, and developing student agency, Matt will share the evolution of tech and its impact on K12 education.

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