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Pre-Conference Workshops

The pre-conference workshops will be included in the registration price of the conference. 

Sunday | April 15, 2018 | 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Breaking Down the Bullying Infrastructure in Schools

Conflict is almost certain whenever people from different backgrounds are placed in the same setting. This is particularly true for public programs that serve a diverse group of youth. However, when confronted with repetitive behaviors intended to harm, many adolescents do not have the skill set to combat bullying behaviors. In order to lessen the impact of bullying behaviors in public programs, interventions must target both the victims and the bullies. Youth who are targets of bullying should be taught the appropriate responses to bullying behavior. Youth who are labeled as bullies should be taught to use his/her natural leadership ability for pro-social change in schools and the elevation of peers. This session will address the social structure of bullying and action steps for professionals to follow when bullies and victims are identifed.

Presenter – Dr. Eric Landers – Associate Professor, Georgia Southern University

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Braiding and Sustaining Multiple School Climate Initiatives

Chasing down too many initiatives? Concerned about how to integrate multiple school climate efforts? This session will reveal key strategies and showcase several examples of how other districts are creating a truly coordinated system of support for both students AND adults.

Presenter - Dr. Jon Eyler - Collaborative Learning Solutions 

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5 Mindful Ways to Shift the Climate of Your Classroom

Let’s start from the inside out! There is a growing need for youth to understand their own behavior, and the need is becoming more dynamic by the minute! In this pre-conference session, we will explore and share resources and tips on how to work with students on their personal behavior and accountability, self-regulation self-awareness, decision-making skills and other social-emotional learning skills. We will share how mindfulness is cross-curricular with SEL activities and how to implement these new concepts in your classroom. We will take a dive into today’s digital dilemma and provide a new approach so that students can make healthier decisions about how to use digital devices and social media. Further, we will review the power of reflection, so that students understand their potential to become thoughtful and kinder contributors to a larger society. When classroom cultures shift, so the does school culture. Join us and expect to learn by doing in this pre-conference session, sorry, no lecturing here.

Presenters: Julia Gabor, M.Ed, Founder, kid-grit and Jeffrey L. Jordan, CEO Sportika Goodworx and Founder, kid-grit